Easy to use

The Nowick Sensors temperature probes use integrated circuit sensors and have signal conditioning and linearization built in. This means that they can be connected directly to a data acquisition device without a significant loss in accuracy. Plus there are no special wiring requirements. Learn more by reading our temperature probe comparison.

Available in a variety of configurations

Our stainless steel temperature probes are available as straight probes, with watertight connection heads, sanitary fittings, thermowell mounts, and M12 connectors. Visit our store or see the configurations article for more information.


The probe output is an easy to measure analog voltage that is directly proportional to temperature. Hidden sources of error in the wiring, cold junction compensation, and signal conditioning electronics are eliminated. Find more detailed information in our knowledge center.

Low cost

Our probes lower the overall cost of your system by eliminating the need for costly signal conditioning modules. RTDs and thermocouples require specialized electronics to convert their outputs into voltages that can be read by data acquisition devices. Read the interface article to learn more.